Just posted this in Facebook and it occurred to me that it is a new idea forming that needs a new space…

As a creative person (which we all have the capacity to be in various ways), I have found that there is definitely a need to know the seasons you are in & to work appropriately without fear but with discipline.

Like a farmer or a gardner, there are times to plant seeds of inspiration in simple observation, note-taking, and going where the wind takes you & doing the prep work.

Then, there are the times of nurturing your ideas, watering, and doing the daily work of faithfulness and showing up.

Last, there are the times of gathering your bountiful harvest to serve another’s livelihood and to reap what you have sown in other seasons.

Neumann & Bailey-06.jpg

Here’s wishing you a light and brilliant season of planning, inspiration and rest and later a wonderful fruit-filled harvest beyond your efforts.

Posted by:Christine Burney

Illustrative Designer from the Texas Panhandle Have lived an interesting life that gets more and more interesting as it goes. Love animals, the things of everyday life, and the beauty I find as I look. These are the perpetual subjects of my work. Love illustratively designing portraits, branding and other specific commission-based design. Email me at christineburney@mail.com to inquire rates, etc. for your specific design needs!