Illustrative Design by Christine

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The uniqueness of life is worth showcasing.  That’s what I do.

I illuminate the stuff of life.  I love coming across items of everyday – things we typically miss in the busy monotony of daily life – and practice seeing the beauty & grace in it – ah, the simple elegance of a piece of fruit!  Beauty isn’t always immediately clear, but with a little digging you really can find gold. Let me help you see what I see.

I have helped businesses, organizations and people with services like my unique digitally-created portraits, posters and logos and also social media, branding and professional product photography. I also have a line of greeting cards! I have a wide-range of skills but I try to focus on design that is light, energizing and fun. I am a super fast-learner when it comes to new kinds of projects or creative endeavours and I welcome new work!